2D/3D. producing illusion will be held at mala voadora (Porto, Portugal), between the 27th and 28th of May 2021. This conference is an initiative of mala voadora, and the research units of the University of Minho Lab2Pt (Landscape, Heritage and Territory Laboratory) and NIEP (Research Center in Performative Studies).

We can consider the invention of perspective as a defining feature of “European art”. This Cartesian device for space representation and consideration was crucial for the development of the continent's art, architecture and scenography for several centuries, and its products were one of the cultural marks of European expansionist policy. The construction of mimetic images has undergone considerable changes with the invention of photography, film and digital tools. The illusionist suggestion of three-dimensionality seems to have taken on a new meaning now, when most of us spend the day looking at monitors and screens, in a curiously similar situation to the public who, following the invention of perspective, has seen theatre through a big window called "proscenium”. On the other hand, within the scope of artistic practices, the modalities of representation have deviated from mimicry in favour of admittedly “wrong” games, or meta-representation. The tools of representation have changed, the nature of images has changed, but the will to illusion is maintained, thickened, or countered with calculated ingenuity. In this sense, the 2D / 3D congress is not limited to perspective (between its invention in fifteenth-century Italy and what it entails in new technologies), aiming to include a wide variety of representation systems that somehow compete with the production of illusion. Around this thematic core, and extending its scope to all areas of image and space production, we intend to consider the following themes:

perspective and epistemology/ontology

uses of Perspective Illusion

 perspective and set design

illusion and delusion through the techniques of representation

illusion and new technologies

calculated disobedience to the rules of representation

the analogue after the digital

illusion and its cultural contexts

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